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Article: COVID-19 and Your Contract Rights

The COVID-19 epidemic is forcing many businesses to cancel contracts and suddenly “force majeure” clauses – that is, contract clauses that excuse performance of a contract due to circumstances beyond the control of the parties such as acts of God  – are being carefully reviewed or sorely missed when absent from a contract.  Don’t worry, if the contract you can’t perform doesn’t have a “force majeure” clause, California law may nevertheless protect you. Download our informative article to learn more: COVID-19 and Your Contract Rights (Download)

Horan Lloyd News

Horan Lloyd is excited to announce that Michael J. Harrington has joined the firm.

Mr. Harrington’s practice focuses on real estate, agricultural business, land use, water, and environmental matters, with an emphasis on property rights and issues arising under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the State Planning and Zoning Law, and other relevant land use and environmental statutes. He has extensive experience with large-scale commercial real estate transactions and represents project proponents and property owners in all phases of the land use entitlement process. A sixth-generation native of Monterey County, Mr. Harrington deeply values his connection to the agricultural industry and frequently advises agricultural companies on regulatory and governance issues.